Common misunderstandings about working at heights

You need to work at a height, but you have been scared by some of the myths you have been told or read online. Working at heights need not be so scary. Whether you are on a ladder or a scaffold, you should stay safe when working at heights, but don't believe the myth.

1. Need formal training

Although working from a height does not require formal training, in most cases this is still a good idea. This myth is more common. If you are working on a ladder, scaffolding, or otherwise, you need to make sure you know what you are doing. However, you may not need a license or formal training.

2. Never use a ladder to enter the scaffolding

Although this is a rule that some people follow, it is incorrect that you cannot use a ladder to enter the scaffolding. A ladder can only be used to access the scaffold, provided it is the correct type of ladder and is properly secured to prevent it from moving. As long as you follow these rules and use the ladder safely, you can use it to access the scaffolding.

3. Climbing stairs is a high-altitude operation

If you think you are working at heights because you climbed stairs for work, then you are not. When the stairs are fixed in a building, you will not work at high places because you have to climb the stairs.

4. Ladders should not be used on construction sites

Although scaffolding can provide better options, ladders can of course be used on construction sites. As long as you use ladders correctly, they can be used on any construction site, but scaffolding can provide a better aerial work platform.

Don't fall into these misunderstandings when working from a height. Choose the right ladder or scaffolding for your workplace, as long as you use your choice safely, you don't have to worry about these.

2022-11-16 17:32