Top step stools and ladders for apartment residents

When you live in an apartment, it helps to have a step stool or ladder. Sometimes you need to lift or change the light bulb high in the closet. Maybe you need to reach out to hang holiday decorations or clean the top of the refrigerator. Whatever the reason, the right step stool or ladder can make a big difference.

Most apartment residents only need a good step stool. However, if you have a high ceiling, a ladder may be a better choice. Here are some of the best options for apartment residents.

1. Short ladder

Those who live in apartments with ceilings 10 feet or higher may need a short ladder. The height of these ladders varies from 3 feet to 12 feet. Most likely, a ladder between three and six feet will be the right height, unless you have a high ceiling and need to replace the light bulb.

2. Fiberglass stepladder

A four-foot two-level model, this ladder is much like a step stool, only taller. For apartment residents, this is a good choice because it allows you to reach higher places without having to store a complete ladder. This ladder can be easily stored behind the closet.

3. Step stool

Those with ceilings less than ten feet high may only need a step stool. Choosing the right stool will make a difference, because heavy-duty step stools are very safe. Usually, a step stool can make you one to three feet taller, which is perfect for an apartment.

Make sure you take the time to determine the right height for your apartment. Some apartments have higher ceilings, and higher ladders may be required to reach the heights for cleaning, replacement of light bulbs and hanging decorations. However, if your ceiling is not high, a good step stool may work.

2022-10-02 17:00